What makes our glass subway tile & mosaics unique? The truth behind price variations in the industry.

We have all heard the term "you get what you pay for". It's a common saying used to describe the relationship between price and quality. As the price goes up - the quality tends to increase. As the price goes down - the quality tends to decrease. When looking for glass subway tiles or mosaics for your home renovation project there are three things to look at which include; quality, speed, and price. Together they form the project management triangle and represent what people typically look for when choosing any product. In a perfect world you can have all 3, in the real world only 2 can coexist. In our case, we provide speed and quality. Saving money is great but there is a difference between a bargain and just paying less for an inferior product that you won't be happy with. I will come back to this later, right now I am going to get into product variations and how they affect pricing. 

How the product is made: 

There are two types of glass subway and mosaic tiles. First, there are the glass products that have simply been painted on the back with no protective covering. These are absolutely atrocious and shouldn't even be allowed on the market - the slightest bump and the paint on the back will chip off (more-so than it already has in the box before you got suckered into buying it). It is a cheap, easy way out to produce an inferior product to sell to the bargain shoppers. 

The correct way to manufacture and the process our company uses is what we call "kiln fusion". First the glass subway tiles are hand painted and allowed to dry - then, they are checked to make sure the color is consistent and there are no defects, then painted with a ceramic coating and fired in a kiln. This provides a durable, strong finish over the color to protect it and lock in the color for life. This is time and labor intensive and that is reflected in the pricing. All of our glass subway tiles and mosaics are uniform in color, have no inconsistencies, won't chip or flake off color, and will last a lifetime. You pay a little more, but you get the quality your home deserves and no regrets on skimping with a cheap product. 


Product defects: 

On the manufacturing line, there are multiple people checking over the glass subway tiles and mosaics by hand, looking for any defects. These include; dust, finger prints in the paint or ceramic coating, scratches on the glass surface, paint inconsistencies, and other cosmetic issues. Any products that don't make the cut for our production are then sold off to brokers in the market place that will find companies that are willing to take the defective product in return for a much lower price.

You know those outlet companies selling cheap products? The ones that provide the same product as everyone else for Walmart prices?  It's because they are selling Walmart worthy products, hoping you get lost in the excitement of saving some money and don't notice the plethora of problems with the products they are selling. 



In the end, the most important part of your home is your kitchen and bathrooms. They add the most value to your home and have the best return of investment out of any other rooms in the house. We provide high-quality products 100% of the time, our backsplashes are defect free and produced using state of the art manufacturing processes. You will never get the "leftovers" and we can assure you that the small price difference will result in a lifetime of satisfaction with your project.